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Italian Ministry of Interior

The online English language websection is now available to find out more about the Ministry of Interior’s duties, functions and services. A coincise overview of the main activity areas of this State institution is contained in six editorial reports

Immagine Italian Ministry of Interior

'A guide for the critical anti-racket consumer' The English version of A Guide for the critical anti-racket consumer

A Guide for foreign tourists was presented in Rome to promote informed purchasing and legal economy
 Freccia bianca'A guide for the critical anti-racket consumer'


An institutional mission which guarantees the full exercise by citizens of their fundamental rights and liberties as provided for by the Constitution

Immigration and civil liberties
Policies aimed at promoting social cohesion, combating illegal immigration and easing regular immigrants’ reception and integration

Elections and referenda
Organisation of electoral consultations and referenda regulated by State legislation, advisory activity on election matters, technical and legal support to prefectures and municipalities

Public Rescue Service
The National Fire Brigade is in charge of rescue service to ensure public safety in the event of fires, natural disasters and great disastrous events

Asylum and refugees
Any alien who is persecuted in his/her country of origin can receive asylum and protection in our national territory through the recognition of 'refugee status'

State-local authority relations
Composition of elective bodies, setting up of the organisational apparatus, economic and financial administration of local government authorities


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Ministero dell'Interno